RDR2 – Gun Pack

This file is Not a MOD. This file is CG Model data. This is Model resource.

Colt old revolver
custom LeMat Revolver
peppar box revolver
remington revolver
S&W m3 revolver
S&W m2 revolver
savage navy revolver
West World Lemat

This 3DCG Files are in [.OBJ] file format.
Base model and modifications provided as seen in pre-rendered images.
Feel free to import and texture in any Fallout NV mod.

These models are to be used only for Fallout NV. Commercial use is prohibited (means no making money off of this resource. That’s not why I made them. If you want to commercialize them, you MUST contact me.) Please don’t plagiarize my work. This stuff does take some time, after all.


I got a job.
We have reduced the time to make model resources than before, but we will continue to do our best in the future.
Cheer for us.

Q and A:
Q. why do you not have low polygon models?
A. because faithful low polygon models are hard to produce
Q. why do you not have textures
A. I am skilled in making 3D models, not texturing
Q. your models suck
A. your mom sucks
Q. Will you make _____ real world/fallout weapon
A. maybe, it depends on if I want to add that gun to the RDR2 universe
Q. your model is different than it’s real world counterpart
A. designing and scaling firearm models from reference images is an art more than a science.
If you have exact dimensions provide them and, if I can, I’ll adjust the model accordingly.
Contact information in “readme file”

Authors: alisia
File Details: 23.1 MB / ZIP
RDR2 – Gun Pack Download - www.modsup.com


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